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The benefits of Puncturesafe in a 2 wheeled vehicle

Will permanently seal punctures caused by puncturing objects up to 6mm

The seal is guaranteed for the life of the tyre

Punctured – Puncturesafe seals giving a telltale mark

Perfect air retention state in the tyre

Helps extend tyre life.

Improved handling of the machine

Dampens vibrations, reduced suspension failure

No excessive heat, no excessive tyre wear

Applied before the puncture occurs

Is not a foam or a get you home product

Controls most blow-outs by giving a controlled deflation

Makes the "inner tyre" cooler

A 700 ml DIY bottle will do 2 or 3 tyres
Because we understand all the problems a puncture can cause for a motorcyclist and the difficulties encountered whilst trying to change a wheel at the side of the road, the motorcycle sector is one of our busiest and fastest growing markets. Puncturesafe provides the answers to a motorcycle puncture, as apart from sealing all punctures caused by objects up to 6mm in diameter, in the event of a larger area of damage Puncturesafe will provide protection from rapid deflation by giving a controlled deflation - possibly allowing the rider to get the motorcycle home, or away from a dangerous location.

Owing to greatly improved heat transfer from the inner tread area to the wheel, because of sidewall coverage of Puncturesafe, the life of the tyre will be extended, probably one of the reasons tyre manufacturers do not recommend its use! Puncturesafe has the ability to virtually eliminate tyre pressure loss - even during long term storage. Most importantly, Puncturesafe does not repair a puncture in a tyre, it “seals” the puncture, which means that unlike the conventional patch, the tyre cannot fail owing to excessive heat!

Some of the following comments and technical content are from an article published in the National BMW Motorcycle Club magazine by its technical officer Mike Fishwick, and is reproduced here with his permission.

After a puncture on a motorcycle, temporary repair sealants, such as the various aerosol packaged products are a quick way to become mobile again, but can only be used after coming to a stop. They are not suitable for prolonged use, and because they are solvent based, attach themselves tenaciously to the inside of the tyre casing, in most cases their composition is such that tyre specialists will refuse to repair a tyre which has been internally coated with these get you home products.

In the case of ultra-low profile tyres such as Z rated types found on many modern motorcycles a flat tyre could be a very expensive experience. The fitting of a vulcanised plug is not always possible if the puncture is close to the sidewall, and a limit of one repair per tyre is usually enforced. Many specialists will not even attempt to repair these tyres. Even a gentle stop from speed can cause severe damage to the sidewalls, not to mention the wheel rims. Even without a puncture it is possible to experience a rapid deflation if the motorcycle is run over a rock.

Assuming that one manages to stop without injury or damage, there is the nightmare of recovery - often with additional delay because a motorcycle is involved, at horrendous cost. The recovery operation may itself cause damage to a motorcycle if it is badly secured to the spectacle type frame designed to support the front wheels of a car, and may only take you to the nearest garage or service area. It may then be found that the sidewalls and perhaps also the rims are damaged. Then there is the problem of finding a tyre specialist who will repair or change a tyre, not to mention the delay in obtaining a motorcycle tyre of the required size and type, particularly on a weekend.

Then comes the cost of the tyre itself, labour charges for fitting it, and also to remove and replace the rear wheel - Honda Goldwing owners weep at the thought of this. There is also the general hassle of being a motorcyclist in a system designed for car drivers. This can be expressed in terms of further damage to the rims, lack of dynamic balancing, and general bodging by those who are unused to the more specialised and delicate requirements of a motorcycle. A simple puncture could cost a motorcyclist a full day and from two to several hundred pounds. When one adds up the total cost of a simple puncture it can be a major problem.

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