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Puncture Free
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Cars Motorhomes & 4WD
Peace of Mind for You and Your Passsengers

Anyone who has had a high speed blow-out, knows what a dangerous experience it can be. It can happen without warning, making your vehicle impossible to handle and putting you and your passengers in extreme danger. Slow punctures are a major cause of blowouts and are usually very difficult to detect. Installing Puncturesafe in your tyres helps to ensure that you will not be placed in a potentially life threatening situation. A puncture is not only costly and inconvenient, but also dangerous. Puncturesafe prevents punctures by sealing them immediately as they happen, and creates a permanent seal for the legal lifetime of the tyre.


Poorly inflated tyres resist rolling and cause poor fuel consumption. They also heat up quickly and run hotter, wearing out 10% to 40% faster. Heat is the number one tyre killer. Puncturesafe assists in protecting tyres from devastating heat build up that is associated with friction caused by under-inflation and/or overloading. Puncturesafe contains specific ingredients that aid in conducting heat from the tyre by transmitting the additional heat to the rim, which is the tyres natural heat sink. This action results in a cooler inner tyre for any type of vehicle regardless of application. With under-inflated tyres you pay more for fuel and you lose your current tyre investment faster because of early replacement.

Permanent Puncture Seal

Unlike traditional preventatives or get you home products, this is not a foam. It is held in a liquid state, in small quantities within the tyre, offering no change in the handling of the vehicle. The compound is secret, however, an amount will penetrate the natural, slightly porous state of the rubber, achieving an almost perfect air retention state in the tyre, maintaining handling characteristics and flexibility. It also recognises the difference between the inside tread and wall of the tyre.

Once Puncturesafe has been installed into your tyres the need to regularly top up with air is reduced dramatically.

Puncturesafe is applied by an approved installer

One application lasts the legal lifetime of the tyre.

Taking just a few minutes to install through the valve, Puncturesafe remains liquid for the entire life of the tyre. By coating the inner surface giving your tyres a 2- 3mm thick liquid inner tube which maintains your tyre pressures, (making them last longer), while the synthetic fibres contained within the compound are on guard ready to deal with any motorist's worst fear THE PUNCTURE.

By giving your tyres a once only treatment of Puncturesafe, you will be giving yourself peace of mind, safety and security.

Puncturesafe has been tested and proven up to speeds of 150 mph. This is possible because Puncturesafe is water based and remains in its liquid form for the complete legal lifetime of the tyre, not breaking up under the shear forces generated at speed. The road use rating is a testament to the fact that Puncturesafe does not cause any balance problems due to its ability to work in harmony with your tyres. Puncturesafe’s water-soluble make up will enable the tyre to be removed in the normal fashion, as there are no adhesives contained within the compound. The product will also not clog up your valve so you can get air in and out as required. Puncturesafe will not mask or hide a dangerous punctureto your tyre. Part of the success of Puncturesafe is that it is designed to fail as well as work by allowing a controlled deflation of a tyre, which has received serious tyre damage.

How Puncturesafe operates

Puncture preventatives are best used in the pre-emptive mode. Puncturesafe is applied through the valve of the tyre. In a stationary vehicle the viscous liquid remains in place within the casing of the tyre at all times and does not pool in the bottom of the tyre casing.

At Puncturesafe, our number one priority is research and development. Our Research and Development department is constantly evaluating new and unusual Polymers from around the world. Through discoveries made in our R & D department, Puncturesafe has transformed from a simple tyre sealant into the technically advanced polymer gel that it is today, the world finest tyre life extender/conditioner and permanent puncture preventative.



Will permanently seal punctures caused by puncturing objects up to 6mm

The seal is guaranteed for the life of the tyre

Punctured – Puncturesafe seals giving a telltale mark

Speed tested up to 150mph

Tested for reliability and stability up to 100,000 miles

Perfect air retention state in the tyre

Helps extend tyre life considerably

Improved handling of the vehicle

Dampens vibrations, reduced suspension failure

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